Jocelyn Deslauriers

Who am i?

I'm a builder of web applications (20 years and counting). I've done a lot of different projects of different sizes and complexity over the years. In my journey as an application craftsman, my aim shifted from making great software that worked to making complex code, complex application look simple and understandable.

Using Laravel & Vue.js from the beginning, I've seen many different codebases and I've identified pitfalls that developers strive to overcome when dealing with a large application.

Now training teams, assessing code in legacy application and teaching developers how to make software that scale and stay understandable, maintainable and readable.

The ratio of time spent reading versus writing is well over 10 to 1

― Robert C. Martin, Clean Code

We write code for other humans primarily, i'm a firm believer that this focus is too often forgotten at the aim of making the code work first.

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